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SEO Tips and Tricks-One Sure Winner!

SEO Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it. EVERYONE needs backlinks and everyone needs SEO tips.

But very few people know how to get links that are high quality and that will stick for years.

Perhaps you simply outsource to India.  I would estimate that I get a minimum of 5 emails a day from Indian SEO and web design companies.  They offer very cheap SEO packages which can be attractive to those on a budget or those who are simply cheapskates.

However, it is a baaad move.  Indian companies tend to secure low-quality links that draw the ire of the all-mighty Google.  They can even get your site deindexed or penalized.

Others go the Fiverr route.  Now, back in the early days of SEO, Fiverr would have been a dream.  Send thousands or even millions of spam links to my site and let me rank!

However,  that simply doesn’t work any more unless you are looking to get the aforementioned penalty.

So what do you do?

I will give you one tip that works like a charm.

Go to and register a free account or pay for the cheapest one.SEO Tips

Navigate to Google and type in the keywords you want to rank for.

Grab the top three url’s and pop them into the site explorer at Majestic.

Click the links tab.

Examine the links and look for backlinks that you can get also.  Examples might be directories, blogs posts, etc.

Now type in your keywords again with a different city and repeat the process.

Basically, you are stealing your competitors best backlinks and avoiding spammy crud.

Give it a try.  It takes a little elbow grease but works like a charm for any site!

If you need some help with your SEO or just a few SEO tips, then hit the Contact form and we will get right back to you!

Building An SEO Business

So you want to learn the ins and outs of building an SEO business?

Well, when I first started in SEO, I faced the same problem that everyone else did; how to get clients.

I still remember my first. I made a screenshot video of a local chiropractors rankings and glaring mistakes. I then put the video on YouTube using private settings and emailed it only to the owner of the company.

I promptly forgot about the video until one day about a month later. The phone rank just as I had gotten into the shower. I reached out, grabbed the phone and said hello.seo picdture

With the water running in the background, I heard someone say something about a chiropractic clinic and how they had seen the video. He wanted to set up a meeting for the next day to talk about what I could do for him.

The problem was that because I hadn’t turned the shower off, I wasn’t completely sure who I was speaking to on the phone or who I was supposed to meet. I was panicky, not wanting to ask, “who is this again”? after speaking to him for almost 15 minutes.

So I hung up, ran to the computer and tried to figure out which chiropractor that was as I had sent out several videos in that niche.

I finally settled on one based on some things he had said about ranking and prayed it was the right man.

The next day, I walked into his office completely unsure if I was in the right place.

Well, needless to say, I was and he signed as my first of many clients. And he is still with me to this day.

Surprisingly, that method never worked again for me. Since that time, I have tried hiring salesman, sending snail mails, using LinkedIn, and Facebook ads to try to get new clients. None have been very successful.

However, there is one method that is almost guaranteed to work and it involves NO cold calling. It is a very simple concept called; referrals.

That’s right, I simply offer a commission of 10% of a 6 month or yearly contract to anyone who provides a lead that signs a contract. Now, I have everyone working for me looking for some easy cash.

So send out messages on social media, on your website, and in person to get the word out. Your friends and family will have even more of an incentive to help you.

While there are many methods to building an SEO business, using referrals is the easiest way I have found in my 7 years!

How I Became An SEO Expert

So you need an SEO expert?

Well, just a few short years ago, I had no idea what SEO was or even that it was an acronym.

Fast forward to 2015 and I have many clients who depend on me to rank their websites and others who come to me simply for advice.

How did it happen?  seo expert

There is no secret.  The answer is simply hard work.

You see, search engine optimization is sort of like high school math.  You have to learn the basics and then apply them.

I began by approaching SEO with an incredible passion and desire to learn.  I read, watched videos and bought course after course to learn everything possible.

However, there were two things I did NOT do which seemingly everyone else does.

First, I took no shortcuts.  When I was just a novice, I noticed that people were using software that basically spammed the internet to achieve rankings.  I have always been about quality and hate crap articles, spun content, goofy blog comments etc.  It was incredibly hard to lay off when everyone else was making money by using this method, but I managed to resist the urge.

And then surprise, along came Google with their updates and soon these same people had lost their entire businesses.

Secondly, I learned the only way to find out what really worked was to TEST!.  SEO constantly changes and the one sure method to keep up with these changes is to consistently test for results.  Most people simply read blog posts or forum posts from “SEO gurus” who rarely practice what they preach.

You must learn how to do it yourself.  Don’t just sell services and then outsource to India.  This is the reason search engine optimization has such a poor name.  So many scammers out there it has ruined our industry.

Is it cocky to consider myself an expert?  I don’t think so since I have put in the time and continue to do so.

Follow my steps and never take shortcuts.  You could soon be an SEO expert also!






Basic SEO And Why It Is Critical To Your Success

basic SEODo you know basic SEO?


You have a website or blog that you have set up to sell something. It might be a simple blog, an e-commerce site or combination of the two and something else.


The point is you need to get  targeted visitors. This means people who are interested in what you are promoting. You must send them there through articles or ads posted in various places on the Internet.


You are going to be using a concept known as SEO or search engine optimization to actually get those visitors to your site. For some good tutorials, feel free to visit a small site such as Easy Street Marketing for local ideas or a huge site like Sourcewave for national campaign ideas.
The basics of SEO, if you understand not more than this is the use of keywords and keyword phrases. These are the words that interested people enter into a search engine. Let’s say they are looking for information about weight loss. They may enter the keyword phrase: ‘weight loss’, ‘How can I lose weight?’, ‘lose weight fast’, or any number of other keywords or phrases. In order for SEO to work for you, the copy you write on your website or blog will need to have those words or phrases in them. Not only in them but in sufficient numbers or density to attract the search engines’ attention to them.


The number or density of those keywords has long been the debate of many people, even those who have been successful in this field. Before analyzing that number, it is important to have a lot of copy surrounding those keywords.


Search engines look for authority in the copy. They look for enough copy to make sense of the subject being discussed and they look for the appropriate words that make everything understandable, which are the keywords. Following the fairly straightforward rules of basic SEO must be followed.


They also look at everything else on the web page. Does the entire page ‘work’ with the copy you are posting? In other words, are you posting an article about dog training on a page about babies? The search engines will not find that this copy is very authoritative as it does not fit in with anything else on that page, regardless of whether there are an appropriate number of keywords or not.


Now, as to the number or density of those keywords in your copy. You might think that the more, the merrier. That would be a fine way of thinking, to a point. Proper use of SEO would hold that less than one percent would almost be a waste of time and more than four percent could get you ignored by some search engines due to their thinking you are ‘stuffing’ keywords where they do not really belong and have no real purpose.


It is critical to use basic SEO keywords and phrases in the range of 1 to 2.5 percent.

SEO Concepts

The Truth About SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a concept. It is also a grouping of tasks or chores that assist the not so average Internet Marketer attract attention to their website, blog or other offerings on the Internet. A brief journey through some of these SEO tasks will be beneficial at this time.


As Internet Marketers know all too well, anything they have for sale will not fare very well without traffic. This means targeted traffic which is simply people looking for what they are selling.


So the appropriate keywords or keyword phrases are being used in sufficient numbers that the search engines can find them and present them on the results page.


Since the phrase Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used to attract the attentions of the search engines, many newbies attempt to write material, such as articles and blog posts for the search engine. That requires ‘stuffing’ the copy so full of keywords that it is not understandable to the average person who would actually like to read and enjoy it.


It is critical that there be enough mentions of the keyword, in the original form, however, stuffing too many of them in the copy can actually get the search engines to ignore your post(s).


Still another part of SEO is the use of LSI or Latent Synonym Indexing words.


This means instead of using your keyword of ‘cars’, use other words that are along the same line, such as ‘automobiles’, ‘vehicles’, ‘autos’, ‘sedans’, ‘coupes’, and others that can be found in any thesaurus.


Some of the tasks that good SEO requires are achieved on the website, itself. Yes, the same rules apply to the use of keywords and phrases, as well as LSI words.


There are also rules about things know as META tags, META descriptions and the use of highlighting some of those keywords and phrases.


Google bannerUsing various heading sizes, such as ‘heading 1’, ‘Heading 2’, and even H3 will help the search engines find and understand what it is you are talking about and it does not necessarily interfere with real people reading it.


Since the purpose of the website is to attract attention to itself, the most important part of SEO is the copy, whether on the site or in the articles and other posts you place to send people to the website.


Search engines need a large amount of copy to become comfortable with your website. Visitors need a lot of information, in most cases, to understand what it is you are promoting and when it comes to info on the Internet, the more the merrier.